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Showing all 6 results

Nuestros Tidbit Blends se mezclan meticulosamente para garantizar una taza perfecta en cualquier momento. A base de ingredientes puros y naturales, con tu leche favorita o bebida a base de plantas. ¡Disfruta de nuestros Latté Blends en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar! Cada paquete contiene 10 porciones de 8g cada una.

Pide con unos días de antelación. Si vives en Madrid centro puedes recoger tu pedido en nuestra pastelería take-away en Lavapiés. Más info sobre realizar pedidos.

Our Tidbit Blends are meticulously crafted to guarantee a perfect cup every time. We crated them based on pure, natural flavors, and are perfectly served with your favourite type of milk or plant-based drink. You can also add them to your favourite fruit smoothie or breakfast meal.  Whether your taste calls for something classic or something unique, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy our Latté Blends anytime, anywhere! Each pack contains 10 servings of 8g each.

Order with a few days in advance. If you live in Madrid center, you can pPick-up your order at our take-away bakeshop in Lavapiés. Read more about placing an order.

No Artificial FlavoursNo Refined SugarNo Chemical AdditivesNo Added Colours

Natural IngredientsCaffeine FreeGluten FreeVegan