Take-Away Café

Specialty Coffee
A great day starts with great coffee! As experienced and knowledgeable baristas we take pride in our work. We only use recently roasted beans and we prepare your drink according to the industry’s quality standards. We encourage you to personalize your experience. Choose your drink size, your coffee strength, add a flavour. Most hot drinks can be iced too. We have 3 types of milk (whole, skimmed, and dairy free), and 3 types of vegetable milks (oats, soy, and almond). Make it your own! You can order several types of coffee bags to prepare at home.

Healthy Tea
Our natural teas are free from preservatives, chemical additives or artificial flavors. They contain many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Discover their numerous health benefits: Forest Fruits infusion, Rooibos infusion, Earl Grey Blue Flower black tea, Pu-Ehr Orange Lemon red tea, or Touareg green tea. All our teas are also available as pyramids for at home or at the office.

Tidbit Blends
Optimize your immune system with all-natural ingredients blended with your favourite milk or vegetable drink. Read more about their benefits: Chai Latté, Matcha Latté, Cocoa Maca Latté, Beetroot Latté, and Turmeric Latté. We also sell our Tidbit Blends to prepare yourself.

Natural Fruit
All our smoothies are prepared on the spot using natural fruit. They are very healthy due to their high contents in vitamins, and have no added sugars. They are a rich source of energy, nutritious and delicious. Make it vegan by using oats, almonds or soy.


Homemade Bagels
We bake all our own bagels in-store, with natural ingredients, and are 100% free of preservatives and GMOs. They are vegan, and contain less than 3% fat. They are a perfect treat for breakfast, brunch, lunch or a snack at any hour of the day. Come to Tidbit and try our toasted bagels made on the spot. Choose between one of the following spreads: Cream Cheese Bagel, Cream Cheese & Jam Bagel, Peanut Butter & Jam Bagel (v), Peanut Butter & Banana Bagel (v), Cookie Butter Bagel (v), and Cinnamon Roll Bagel (v). You can also get plain bagels to go. We bake in small batches. It’s a good idea to pre-order your bagels for next day pick-up, to guarantee the we haven’t sold out.